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Imagine being able to have a personalized experience with your favorite celebrity, or earn a ticket to travel to space - all while supporting a cause close to your heart. With SCAYE, it's possible. For a small contribution, you have the chance to win exclusive experiences and coveted products from beloved brands. Your passion fuels positive change as a portion of your contribution goes towards supporting meaningful causes.


We are an entertainment and commercial fundraising company with a social purpose, partnering with charities, celebrities and brands to create fundraising campaigns through online raffles that offer people a unique chance to win once in a lifetime prizes/experiences. The funds from these raffles are partly sent to social causes, and partly scaled through the production and licensing of music, movies and TV shows whose net proceeds are sent to those same social causes in perpetuity.

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At SCAYE, we believe in transparency and impact. Our fundraising events offer unique prizes and experiences, giving everyone a chance to make a difference while enjoying exclusive perks.

Different than most fundraising for social causes, by adding marketing campaigns and multiple commercial avenues, we are able to multiple every donation.

Here's how it works: After deducting the costs of prizes and marketing at the end of a campaign, typically 40% of the remaining proceeds go directly to the chosen charity. SCAYE typically retains 20%, while the remaining 40% is allocated towards creating storytelling content (music, films, performances or TV shows). This content is strategically crafted to both amplify the initial investment (through licensing an royalties) for the cause and drive change through compelling narratives.

Once created, the content is sold to distribution channels. Typically, 50% of the net proceeds from distribution are earmarked for the cause indefinitely, while 30% is allocated towards marketing campaigns, events, or auctions to further promote the content and raise additional funds. SCAYE retains the remaining 20% from distribution.

Please note that the above breakdown is illustrative and may vary depending on the specifics of each case.

Meet Regis Terencio, the CEO of SCAYE.

“With a background as a Creative Producer, Regis has a knack for bringing stories to life and making a lasting impact. His storytelling projects have seen revenue soar for companies like Microsoft Education, Intel Education, and Big Puddle Films, while helping secure over $19 million in financing.

In 2019, Regis produced the $1 million SciFi feature "The Abandon," which was later picked up by the 2023 Oscar Winner distributor LIONSGATE.

Regis's passion for education and storytelling doesn't stop there. He was recognized by Bill Gates as a Microsoft Case of Success for his innovative educational storytelling show in 2008, transforming school books into interactive animated stories that captivated audiences in Brazil.

But Regis's impact extends beyond the boardroom. Between 2003 and 2007, he volunteered at Ponte Filmes in Brazil, teaching film production workshops to teenagers and young adults from low-income communities. These workshops not only provided valuable skills but also empowered participants to use storytelling as a tool for social change. From addressing issues like suicide and addiction to promoting creativity and artistic expression, Regis believes in the power of storytelling to shape communities and drive positive change.

During his time volunteering at Ponte Filmes, Regis observed that direct donations were important, but often fell short in addressing complex social issues at the root of the problem. It became evident to him that, combined with direct donations, well-crafted stories possessed the unique ability to foster critical thinking and instigate lasting change. SCAYE stands as the embodiment of this realization, aiming to harness the power of storytelling to drive meaningful impact and spark positive transformation.


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Send us an email expressing your interest in receiving funds from our fundraising campaigns and storytelling initiatives. Our dedicated team will promptly respond with details about our screening process and how we can collaborate to support your vital work. Together, let's create positive change and make a lasting difference in the world.


Our fundraising platform and strategies provides a unique opportunity to leverage your influence for social good. Together, we can create impactful campaigns, raise awareness, and drive positive change for the cause you care about.

MYKOLAIV, UKRAINE - NOVEMBER 14, 2018: Coca-Cola Cans on Color Background, Flat Lay


Are you a brand or organization passionate about driving positive change? By partnering with us, you will be able to promote your brand or product in unique fundraising events, get exposure through impactful content, and make a lasting impact on the causes you care about.

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